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Broadband Access

Access to broadband in rural areas of Virginia needs to be updated to accommodate 21st century quality of life requirements. Virginia businesses, health care providers, educational institutions, emergency services, and every day citizens will benefit greatly from terminating the digital divide.

  • Assess underserved and unserved areas of Virginia and determine which type of access is most beneficial – Broadband over Powerlines, Cable, Digital Subscriber Lines, Fiber, Satellite, or Wireless
  • Acquire funding through various Federal funding/loans, State funding/loans, and through grants
  • Roll out specified access over a 3-5 year plan


Pre-K – 12 education is pivotal in laying the groundwork for successful adulthood. I am lucky enough to work with superheroes every day in the Charlottesville City School system and I know that they could use access to more resources for the demanding work they do

  • Fully fund after school programs
  • Gradually achieve 1:18 Teacher to Student ratio and 1:250 Counselor to Student ratio
  • Continue to evolve the School Lunch Initiative and Direct Certification
  • Revive lifecycle requirements of technology learning tools
  • Implement Universal Pre-K
  • Reassess mismanagement of funding


Ensuring that we leave our planet a better place than we found it for future generations is critical. Due to large carbon emissions and lax regulations on corporations, our environment has suffered detrimental, almost irreversible, damage.

  • Tax incentives for purchases of electric vehicles as well as purchases and use of solar panels
  • Reimbursement for residential recycling collection fees
  • Introduce local deposit-refund systems for beverage containers
  • Begin implementation of Green New Deal
  • Stop the Atlantic Coast & Mountain Valley Pipeline
  • Reassess mismanagement of funding

Equal Rights

Currently, there is nothing in the United States Constitution protecting rights on the basis of sex. Because of this, it has been left up to states to write differing laws that are up to individual interpretation to attempt protection based on sex.