I was born in Tillamook, Oregon but grew up in the outskirts of Richmond, VA – in a town called Varina in the eastern part of Henrico county to be specific. Growing up I enjoyed many things that normal kids do; I was a cheerleader, a gymnnast, a dancer, and a thespian. Although I truly loved all of those activities, Key Club is what I enjoyed the most. I loved giving back to my community and I loved the feeling of peace I got knowing I did all I could to help. When I was 16 I was elected the Lieutenant Governor of District 4A in the Richmond area. This was when I really started to see what could happen when a community truly comes together.

Lauren as an infant in Oregon
Lauren before a football game in 5th grade

Lauren and her friend Caly after a meet in 2001

After I graduated high school I joined the United States Navy. I graduated as the number 1 female recruit in my class and headed out to school to train to be a firefighter (better known as the DC rate to my fellow shipmates). Because of a training accident that broke both of my hips, I had to transfer to school to become an Information Systems Technician (IT) down at the Information Warfare Training Command at Corry Station in Pensacola, Florida. I was able to complete training and then spent the rest of my time in Navy on shore duty before I was honorably discharged in 2009.

Lauren and her friend L’oreal at a canned food drive
Lauren and her friend Courtney after graduation in 2007
Lauren after boot camp graduation in October of 2007

At the end of 2009 I worked at the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff for their tech upgrades, and during that time I reconnected with my husband and we began dating.  After getting married in 2012 we had three amazing children. Emilia was born in 2013, Everleigh in 2015, and Jasper in 2018. 

Halloween 2018

Between the years of 2009-2018, I worked on several different technology contracts for the Army and the Defense Logistics Agency. In Savannah, Georgia I volunteered at the SPCA to take photographs of the dogs playing so that they would be more likely to be adopted. I also volunteered extensively with my husband’s unit. I was the Family Readiness Group leader and planned several events to bring fun to the soldiers and their families. I made sure I was always available to anyone needing an ear to listen or assistance in navigating the military life. In Savannah, I also ran a campaign against a multi-term incumbent for the 164th District of the Georgia House of Representatives. Although I didn’t win that race, I did get over 40% of the vote with a minimal campaign budget.

When we moved to El Paso, TX in the fall of 2014 I jumped back into the volunteer scene. I was once again the Family Readiness Group’s leader. I made bags of goodies for all of my husband’s soldiers during his time in Command when they left for the National Training Command and made sure that they each had a hand written note to read on the bus ride over. In winter of 2016 I volunteered with my friend Katie to take photos of families with soldier’s deployed over the holidays. Dedicating my time to the lives of my husband’s soldiers and their families was so rewarding and left me with lifelong friendships. Volunteering and helping my community has always been what brings me the most happiness, after my kids and husband of course!

Lauren and Katie in 2016
After Lauren’s husband, Karl, relinquished command in 2017 – Fort Bliss, TX

*One of my campaign goals is to increase transparency at all levels of the political world as well as in the State and Federal government. And because of that, I will be sharing pictures of my life in an effort to make you feel as though you’re a part of my family. If you have any questions or concerns you can always reach me via email or by phone.